Water, revered by the Greeks as one of the four primary elements, is the cornerstone of existence on our planet. I live in Florida, a state surrounded by water and where water flows through the middle of the peninsula, through the Everglades on its way to the ocean as one of the world’s most important ecological systems. Water in Florida can be both life-giving as well as life-threatening.

When I came to Florida, I was looking for its natural wonders, equivalents of the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains. I found the magnificent nature of Florida in its weather, water, sky, and vegetation. The images in this collection are all about the beauty of one of those elements — water. Many of the images were taken in Florida, but they also include oceans from around the globe and seashores, lakes, and rivers — water wherever I found it.

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” – Karen Blixen



Coastal waters at dawn Morning surf Blue sea at sunrise Colors of an ocean sunrise The winds of Aeolus Ocean sunrise off the Keys Everglade abstraction, study III Golden ocean sunrise As the sea awaits the dawn Ocean flow, II The lake below the trees Rain falls in the wetlands Sawgrass, Everglades, morning skies Ocean with red light at sunup Sun worshiper Morning sun in fog Beach, sunrise, nautilus shell Shoreline to infinity Reflections Sawgrass, sky, Everglades A red sunrise The sea in a golden light Sunsets Walden Pond First light on a calm sea Early morning beach, Delray Waterways of the Everglades Lone shoreline Calm seas, turbulent sky The sea beckons First light on the ocean Morning by the sea Everglades and sawgrass Rhythm of the lake Breaking waves in morning light Where the ocean meets the sky, VI Storm coast, Maine Horizon of a new day The fall of Icarus After the storm Everglades sawgrass and waterways Ocean sunrise Framing the sunrise Ocean shoreline at dawn Riff on an ocean sunrise Sawgrass in the Everglades Waiting for the sun Ocean and sky abstraction Ocean with sunrise sky Atlantic surf at dawn Inspired by Faith The sea bekons Mid-day sunlight, Malta Blue ripples Hope Dawn colors of the Aegean Seeing red The promise of a new day Waters edge at dawn Morning calm Sky and sea abstraction Aquatic sunrise Winter evening on Walden Pond Calm ocean in morning light Wind and waves in the morning Water therapy Morning clouds on the ocean Serene ocean waters Pastel ocean sunrise Waters edge in the Everglades Atlantic calm The sea in golden morning light A perfect sunrise, 6/6/23 Color palette of an ocean storm Ocean sunrise on the Atlantic coast Waterways Morning on the Atlantic Evening colors on Walden Pond Calm morning on the Atlantic Ocean symmetry Waves off the Florida coast Ocean harmony First light Coastal seagrass Ocean meets the sky Burgundy morning The sky greets the sea Blue waves Abstraction of an ocean sunrise Color palette of an ocean sunrise Cresting waves Cresting wave Boca beach Uncharted waters Cresting wave Not another grass beach hat Going nowhere (homage to Jimmy Buffett) Abstraction of the morning coast line. Sunrise on the Aegean Morning calm on the Atlantic Sand and sea Mauve in the morning Colors of an Atlantic sunrise A perfect morning Morning tide Mauve in the morning Geometry of the Everglades Lone pelican over a calm sea Sunrise symmetry Wood stork over the Everglades Atlantic sunrise