Audubon Prints – Double Elephant Portfolio

The Audubon images in this collection have been edited by me to be reprinted to the same size that Audubon had published them in his original portfolios. I worked with available high resolution files made from the Audubon prints and then cleaned up and restored these files to be simulations that are as close as possible to the originals. I have separated the files into their three sizes. The large size prints are on this page, while links to the the medium and smaller sized prints are provided below.

When digitally printed on a very fine archival paper these prints bear a striking resemblence to the original portfolio prints. Please contact me if you would like to purchase one of these prints.

The original portfolio (Havell edition) of John James Audubon’s Birds of America was printed between 1827 and 1838 and contains 435 life-size prints of North American birds. The portfolio was reproduced from hand-engraved plates with watercolor added later by hand. Audubon sold subscriptions to his prints in editions of five. This included three small, one medium, and one large with each group. Collectors often bound these portfolios into books. All the prints, large and small, were printed on Double Elephant sized paper (approximately 28″ x 39″), which was the largest sheet available at the time.

The double elephant portfolio of the “Birds of America” was the largest, full-sized print that Audubon printed. The paper measured approximately 28″ x 39″.  Audubon drew his subjects to life size and even with this large paper he had to contort some of the birds to fit the page.

View the medium (Elephant) sized prints here

View the smaller sized prints here

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Plate 381 - Snow Goose Plate 382 - Sharp Tailed Grous Plate 386 - White Heron Plate 31 - White Headed Eagle Plate 406 - Trumpeter Swan Plate 421 - Brown Pelican Plate 431 - American Flamingo Plate 1 - Wild Turkey Plate 11 - Bird of Washington Plate 41- Ruffed Grous Plate 46 - Barred Owl Plate 71 - Winter Hawk Plate 72 - Swallow Tailed Hawk Plate 111 - Pileated Woodpecker Plate 121 - Snowy Owl Plate 131 - American Robin Plate 161 - Caracara Eagle Plate 171 - Barn Owl Plate 211 - Great Blue Heron Plate 216 - Wood Ibis Plate 217 - Louisiana Heron Plate 221 - Mallard Duck Plate 236 - Night Heron Plate 238 - Great Marbled Godwit Plate 251 - Brown Pelican Plate 256 Purple Heron Plate 281 - Great White Heron Plate 286 - White Fronted Goose Plate 296 - Barnacle Goose Plate 307 - Blue Crane or Heron Plate 311 - American White Pelican Plate 316 - Black Bellied Darter Plate 336 - Yellow Crowned Heron Plate 346 -  Black Throated Diver Plate 356 - Marsh Hawk