Found Hearts

My wife, Faith, loves hearts. Always has.

Early in our relationship, I began capturing images of hearts I found randomly in my travels. I would use the photographs to make her cards, calendars, and pictures to celebrate special occasions. I have hundreds of photographs of these “found hearts”. Recently, I thought of combining them with other background images I have collected over time. The final images come together aesthetically, the elements relating purely by matching color and form.

The yellow heart Heart of many colors A heart receipt Pair of red hearts Heart's Delight Heart carved in stone Red heart on pavement Sidewalk etched heart Beach heart Camila's heart Color etched heart leaf pattern Sunset hearts Incised sidewalk hearts Hearts with Brooklyn Bridge Red, white, and blue heart flag Street love Red marks the heart Red neon heart Heart shaped river stones Collection of flea market hearts Poetical quotation and fallen heart leaf The Heart and the red pipe Page turning heart The apple heart Heart light drawing Red heart leaf with sand and surf The double hearts in autumn Hearts for Faith Brown stone heart Red is for passion Stone heart with antique map Two White heart with pebbles The forever heart