New York

Jazz riffs on the syncopated rhythm of light within the vibrant city of New York.

Print sizes are indicated in the print description of each image. However, most prints in this series can generally be made in much larger or smaller sizes.

Fading light, Empire State Building, NYC Above New York Night flight over Manhattan Evening clouds, NYC Mosaic with cranes, NYC Steam, NYC Clearing storm, NYC The Chrysler Building, New York Diptych of the Flatiron Building with lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center in the background, and the Empire State Building reflecting a sunset light World Trade Center in muted light Midtown shimmy, NYC Morning fog, NYC Reflections, NYC Snow storm on The Pond Midtown night, NYC Urban mosaic, NYC New York at night Gridlock, NYC Urban sunset with pines, NYC Taxi!, New York, 2015 Urban alley, NYC New York in red First light on the city, NYC Twenty-five days, New York Light reflections, NYC Passing snow storm, Central Park Empire State Building Lights Building with two crane towers, NYC Snow day in Central Park Mid-town dawn, NY, 2016 Storm clouds with afterglow, New York, 2016 Lower Manhattan and Trade Tower at dusk Night lights on the Empire State Building Turner sunset over lower Manhattan Wall Street with George Washington Rush hour taxis Our star aligns Brooklyn Bridge at night 10:22:02 on Wall Street East River sunset Manhattan Bridge and Empire State Building All Aboard! Boogie-Woogie too Lower Manhattan in reverse A perfect day Alleys and rooftops a hidden city New York icons Broadway snowstorm Brooklyn Bridge and flag in snowstorm Mid-day fog lifting over the city Midtown abstraction Empire State Building in full color palette The island of New York Night light reflection from the Empire State Building