Life begins where the heavens meet the earth. The horizon line is our first measurement of the planet. It provides balance, stability, and wonderment for what might lie beyond.  The nature of the Florida peninsula centers around the weather as it interplays with the area’s land, water, sky, and flora, creating a rare beauty that can shift from sedate and friendly to powerful and threatening. The flatness of the terrain forces the horizon line to become an essential compositional element separating the land and water from the sky. This is the terroir for my creative spirit as I work to interpret this place.

Morning cloud line over the Atlantic Ocean Ocean horizon Pastel transition Rising sun and red sky Clouds and sky above the sea Low cumulus The ocean meets the sky Sky and sea at dawn Balance Sun and fog over the ocean Precision sunrise Aegean sunrise Composition with ocean and sky Pre-dawn clouds A calm came over them Waiting for the sun Last light Cumulus horizon Coming up hot Lone cloud Calm morning and clear skies over the Atlantic Dunes and sky with sun flares Calm seas at sunrise Where the ocean meets the sky, IV Where the ocean meets the sky, VII Syncopated rhythm Where the ocean meets the sky, II Where the ocean meets the sky, I Mariner's dream Where the ocean meets the sky, VI Where the ocean meets the sky, III Caribbean glow Where the ocean meets the sky, V Ocean flow, I Fractured golden ocean sunrise Fractured  ocean sunrise in red The fall of Icarus Sunrise surf Florida Ocean flow, II Ocean waves Early morning colors Water flow of an ocean sunrise Caribbean sunrise Waters edge at dawn First light on a calm sea Ocean with colorful sunrise sky Caribbean ocean in a silver light The promise of a new day Ocean calm sunrise The white wave Breaking wave in motion Ocean contrasts Sunrise with fog on New Year's Day Ocean sunrise off the Keys Red hot Morning light in the tropics Atlantic calm Ocean sunrise reflection Calm seas, turbulent sky Aegean Sea sunrise reflections