My latest portfolio subject forms compositions using images with diverse often unrelated topics and gives birth to a new reality with the colors and forms interacting to create relationships beyond the reality of what they are. They become pure compositions of light, shape, and color.   

Ocean, sunrise, ocean Sky, sunrise, water Autumn leaf patterns pavement, rising fish Morning clouds, gold and silver ocean sunrise Miami shore line, sunrise sky Oil slick, evening clouds Sky, pavement, cloud Pa-Hay-Okey (Land of grassy water): the Everglades Two skies Beach, gulls, sunrise, ocean Pavement, sky, sunset clouds Sawgrass, Everglades, morning skies Utility pole, sky, wall Desert sand, scored rock Architectural element, TV screen, blue sky Surise, ocean shoreline Florida dreaming Windy morning Clouds on the horizon Beach, sunrise, nautilus shell Shoreline, Sky, Shells Shells with sand and sky Beach day Framing the sunrise Ocean, sky, with painted sidewalk Shoreline symmetry Mid-day sun and ocean Oil slick and waves Morning sky and sea Composition with sky and ocean Ocean with red light at sunup Full moon over the ocean Cloud cover over the ocean The sea beckons