The Everglades

The Everglades is referred to as the “River of Grass”, a constant southerly flow of nourishing waters carrying life and a natural abundance to our planet. This series on our ever-changing environment is an invitation to meditate on the constant flow and core values of life itself.

Everglades above and below, 2020 Everglades abstraction, study V, 2019 Everglades abstraction, study IV, 2019 Everglades abstraction, study III, 2019 Everglade abstraction, study II, 2019 Everglades abstraction, study II, 2019 Sunset in the Everglades, 2019 Alligator whisperer, 2020 String lilies and saw grass in the Everglades River of grass Everglades sawgrass, Study I, 2019 Everglades sawgrass, Study II, 2019 Everglades sunrise on Nine Mile Pond, 2019 Everglades grasses and tree, 2019 Everglades abstraction, 2020 Everglades sunset, 2019