2020 – VISIONS comprises some of the latest additions to the changing environment series.

This series of images borrow from Cubism the technique of illustrating space volumetrically by moving through it to reveal alternate views of the same scene. In addition to the spatial reconstruction, this process adds an element of time to the works as the various components of the scene are photographed from different perspectives and different moments and later reassembled into a larger, more comprehensive experience.

Wind patterns, Death Valley Palm shadows Shadow study I Rain in the wetlands Mahogany tree and Everglades wetland Above and below the Everglades Tropical leaf abstraction Full moon on a cloudy night Lone tree in Bryce Canyon Everglades - River of grass Six sunsets Walden Pond Palm Azul Ocean shoreline Storm coast, Maine Saguaro sunset Calm ocean in morning light Alligator whisperer, Everglades Snow storm on The Pond Everglades river flow Maine coastal stones Tropical display, 6-6-20 Everglade morning Vision of Odysseus Sabel palm leaves in deep shadow Morning cumulus clouds Morning sun and fading palm leaf Palmetto dream