2020 – Portfolio additions

2020 – Portfolio comprises some of the latest additions to the changing environment series.

The inspiration for the photographs in this series is drawn from the natural patterns and effects created by the inevitable decay of man-made and natural surfaces all around us.  While many see evidence of disintegration such as rust, lichen, peeling paint, decaying leaves, and crumbling masonry as jarring and unpleasant, I find a fascination in the development of random and natural evolutions that gradually replace what came before.

These patterns and textures are meant to exhibit the organic and ever-changing beauty present in nature as they represent the inexorability of nature’s triumph over permanence and the endless possibilities and fascination in impermanence itself.  In decomposition’s side effects can be found recomposition’s beauty.

Wind patterns, Death Valley Palm shadows Shadow study I Rain in the wetlands Mahogany tree and Everglades wetland Above and below the Everglades Tropical leaf abstraction Full moon on a cloudy night Lone tree in Bryce Canyon Leaf shadow study II Six sunsets Walden Pond Palm Azul Early morning beach, Delray Storm coast, Maine Saguaro sunset Badlands spider Alligator whisperer, Everglades