The ODYSSEY images comprise some of the latest additions to the changing environment series.

This series of images borrow from Cubism the technique of illustrating space volumetrically by moving through it to reveal alternate views of the same scene. In addition to the spatial reconstruction, this process adds an element of time to the works as the various components of the scene are photographed from different perspectives and different moments and later reassembled into a larger, more comprehensive experience. I strive to have the viewer participate in my exploration of the scene.

Most of the prints in this portfolio are available in sizes other than those mentioned. Many of them can go much larger than listed here.

Wind patterns, Death Valley Everglades abstraction, study III Morning by the sea Calm ocean in morning light Everglades thunderstorm Above and below the Everglades Tropical leaf abstraction Full moon on a cloudy night Lone tree in Bryce Canyon Everglades - River of grass Six sunsets Walden Pond Palm Azul Ocean shoreline Storm coast, Maine Saguaro sunset I Saguaro sunset II Snow storm on The Pond Everglades river flow Maine coastal stones Tropical display, 6-6-20 Everglades morning Vision of Odysseus August sunrise, Florida Morning cumulus clouds Morning sun and fading palm leaf Palmetto dream Death Valley sunset Saguaro with clouds and red lines Golden ocean sunrise Morning mist and moon over the Badlands Sabel palm leaves in deep shadow As the sea awaits the dawn The Pond Morning on the pond Autumnal tints, Walden Pond Sequoias - Up from the ashes When the rocks speak Palm leaf patterns Van Gogh's sun Saw Palmetto Symmetry Florida sunrise Beach day Weather in the canyon Wind and waves in the morning After the storm Sunrise-moonrise Pa-Hay-Okee (Land of grassy water), Everglades river flow Morning light on the ocean Falling sand Antelope Canyon Rock formations and joshua tree Ocean shoreline at dawn Horizon of a new day Waiting for the sun Badlands and prairee Time Wood stork over the Everglades Golden coastline Ocean with sunrise sky Ocean sunrise Setting moon over the Caribbean Rain falls in the wetlands South Beach sunrise Fishing along the sawgrass, Assateague Island Assateague Island and sawgrass Colors of a Cape Cod morning Memories of Yemanj√° Atlantic surf at dawn Early morning along the Atlantic coast The sea beckons Ocean and sky abstraction Breaking waves in morning light Sun worshiper Autumn colors of Walden Pond The lake below the trees Blue waves Rhythm of the lake Above the Everglades Everglades and sawgrass Sunrise and moon set - 9/11/2022 Haulover Inlet Sandbar, Miami NIght time sky A morning rise Reflections Jazz riff on an ocean sunrise Shoreline to infinity