Layers of high resolution digital photographs of New York City architecture, iconographic buildings, and urban textures create powerful pictures that uniquely capture the stylistic multiplicity and energy of the world’s greatest city. These color prints are an intense and dramatic creative statement in any interior space. Each print is composed of multiple files, allowing the final artwork to be printed at very large sizes. This series is offered as high quality ink jet prints or as plexi mounts for a stunning, glossy centerpiece. Finest quality inks and heavyweight archival papers ensure a rich palette that maintains its integrity over time.

This series is offered as limited editions.

Limited Fine Art Editions

  • numbered edition of 10
  • Square prints are available in 40″ x 40″, but most can be had larger or smaller
  • Rectangular print sizes are noted in their descriptions
Metropolis - Pre, post, now and then, 2015 Metropolis - Diamond in the shadows, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Up from the ashes, NY, 2015 Metropolis - An angel watches over them, 2015 Metropolis reborn, NY, 2015 Metropolis -  City symmetries, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Brick by brick, NY, 2015 Metropolis, Deco Dawn, NY, 2015 Metropolis - A darkness comes over her, 2012 Metropolis - Just off the grid, 2015 Metropolis - Through the looking glass, 2015 Metropolis - Thirsty living, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Boogie-Woogie too, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Tower mosaic, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Higher and higher, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Alleys and rooftops a hidden city, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Dressed for the evening, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Workday morning, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Keep moving, NY, 2015 Metropolis - Night falls over the city, 2015 Metropolis - Just another day, NY, 2016 Metropolis - Rush hour on the avenue, 2015 Metropolis - Feininger redux, NY, 2016 Metropolis - The double-cross, NY, 2016 Metropolis - Day into night, NY, 2016 Metropolis - 10:22:02 in New York, 2016 Metropolis - Night dreams, NY, 2016 Metropolis - All Aboard!, NY, 2016 Metropolis - Island sunset, NY, 2016 Metropolis - Star alignment, NY, 2016