City Impressions

Peripheral glimpses of the city in a pictorial style mixing textures and tones reminiscent of Impressionist landscapes and vintage Autochrome prints. This series recalls the everyday life of city life in its spontaneous, candid moments evoking the spirit of early 20th century painters.

This series is offered as limited editions.


Limited Fine Art Editions

  • numbered edition of 10
Manhattan sunrise, NY, 2015 Chrysler Building at dusk, NY, 2015 Taxis in snow, New York, 2010 Islands of New York, 2014 Night fog in the city, NY, 2015 Flag and Empire State tower, NY, 2015 Morning fog on the Battery, New York, 2012 Washington Square arches and trees, NY, 2015 Rainy Manhattan sunrise, NY, 2015 Orchids and lower Manhattan, study 1, 2016 Taxi tree, NY, 2015 Early morning snow, New York, 2016 East River sunset, NY, 2015 Snowy day Greenwich Village, NY, 2015 Lower Manhattan and lifting fog, study 2, NY, 2015 Snowy night, Empire State tower, NY, 2015 Bryant Part at night, NY, 2015 Hard rain at dawn, New York, 2016 Taxi and tulips, NY, 2014 Snow Madison Square Park, NY, 2010 The tower in mist and snow, NY, 2016 City snow and branches, NY, 2016 Night snow storm, New York, 2016 City silhouette at dawn, NY, 1016 Afternoon haze, NY, 2016