The patterns and textures of these series — Aqua, Caelum, Flora, The Everglades, and Terra — on the changing environment are meant to exhibit the organic and ever-changing beauty present in nature, representing, as they do, the inexorability of nature’s triumph over permanence, and the endless possibilities and fascination in impermanence itself.  In decomposition’s side effects can be found recomposition’s beauty.

Sea of Icarus, 2011 Aegean Sea sunrise reflections, 2011 High noon off the coast of Malta, 2008 Coastline at dawn, 1-1-2018 Haze over the Atlantic Dawn, Caribbean Sea, 2012 Clear water, Mexico, 2012 Ripples, Walden Pond, 2013 Gold and Blue ripples, Walden Pond, 2013 Caribbean sunset, Dominican Republic, 2016 Sunset ripples, Walden Pond, Study 1, 2013 Pastel skies over the Caribbean, Jamaica, 2013 Aegean sunrise, 2011 Caribbean waters, 2013 Cloud reflections and water rings, 2019 High above the Atlantic, 2011 Blue waters, Caribbean, 2013 Sunset after a storm, Hudson River, NY, 2016 Aegean sunset, 2011 Cresting waves, Florida, 2015 Sunrise wave, Florida, 2015 Late day sun, Walden Pond, Version 2, 2013 Red White and Blue ocean, Cape Cod, 2009 Mid-day calm, Atlantic Ocean, 2009 Red cloud, Atlantic Ocean, 2009 Over the Atlanic at dawn, 2009 Caribbean sunrise, Dominican Republic, 2016 Morning reflection, Atlantic Ocean, Study 2, 2009 Ocean sunrise off the Keys Morning reflections, Atlantic Ocean, 2009 Sun flare at sunrise, Atlantic Ocean, 2009 Mondrian sunrise, Atlantic Ocean, 2015 Lone cloud, Atlantic Ocean, 2015 Morning sun, Miami, 2015 Clear sky sunrise abstraction Haulover Sandbar, Study I, Miami, 2017 Red white and Blue on Miami Beach, 2017 Calm seas Atlantic, 2017 Mauve with golden light, Atlantic Ocean sunrise Caribbean blaze, 2016 New day, Atlantic Ocean, 2017 Shoreline, Miami, 2017 Clouds above the Atlantic, 2011 Autumn sunrise, Delray Beach, 2017 First light, Atlantic Ocean, 2017 Foggy morning on the Hudson,NY, 2013 Water current, Everglades, 2019 Ocean diagonal Raindrop abstraction First light, Miami Ocean with morning clouds