Ever remember as a child lying in the grass and staring up at the clouds in the sky, mentally forming their shapes into patterns that revealed the shapes of dragons, animals, pirate ships … almost any conceivable thing you could dream to invent? That is what this portfolio is about. When I first came to Florida, I was overcome by the dramatic, sculptural formations of large cumulus clouds. I began photographing them and never stopped. The wonderful thing about clouds as a landscape- or “sky-scape”- is that they are constantly changing. Within seconds there is a new scene in the sky. I was used to photographing the dramatic western landscapes of the American West where mountains and terrain change very slowly, if at all. Even there, I always tried to tie my western landscapes to some could formation that would make the scene uniquely my own because I knew that sky formation would not be there tomorrow. This portfolio series is only about the sky and its cloud formations and how subtle changes in shape and color can bring about dramatic differences in the palette Nature has given me to use for my creations.

Cloud pattern I Cloud pattern V Cloud pattern IX Cloud pattern VIII Cloud pattern XIII Cloud pattern IV Cloud pattern X Cloud pattern VII Cloud pattern VI Cloud pattern II Cloud pattern XI Cloud pattern III Cloud pattern XIV Cloud pattern XII Cloud pattern XV Cloud pattern XVII Evening sky over Walden Pond Cloud pattern XX Cloud pattern XIX Backlit sky Clouds on the horizon Cloud pattern XVIII Snowball sky Morning sky Boca Raton Horizon cloud line Lone cloud with two colors Going places Transitions Traveling west