Ex Libris

History and knowledge are revered in this collection of classic, antique books and printing implements. The worn character of the subject matter is a tribute to education and the disappearing art of producing the printed word. The photographs in this collection are archival pigment prints in a toned palette.

This series is offered as limited editions.

Limited Fine Art Editions

  • 16” x 16” edition of 10
Stacks of old books, England, 2010 Book with moving page, 2015 Open book, England, 2010 Five books on Johnson, England, 2010 Decorative book punches, England, 2010 Decorative engraving plates, England, 2010 Raised embossing fonts, England, 2010 Random fonts, England, 2010 Four books on their side, England, 2011 Skull and book, Monastary of Valdemossa, Spain, 2014 Four vellum books, Charterhouse library, Valedmossa, Spain, 2014 Medieval books and Bibles, Charterhouse of Valldemossa, Spain, 2 Seven books on a shelf, England, 2010 Large printing type layout, England, 2010 Type faces in a block, England, 2010 Garamond type trays, England, 2010 Printing press handle and rollers, England, 2010 ti01080376pl Wood fonts blocks, 2015 ti01080378pl ti01080379pl ti01080381pl ti01080383pl ti01080385pl Open ledgers, 2015 Old ledgers, 2015 ti01083538pl Books with round glasses, 2015 Three books and glasses, 2015 Book with two blowing pages, 2015 Pages blowing, 2015 Hand and book detail, statue of Leonardo Da Vinci, Florence, Ita