The patterns and textures of these series — Aqua, Caelum, Flora, The Everglades, and Terra — on the changing environment are meant to exhibit the organic and ever-changing beauty present in nature, representing, as they do, the inexorability of nature’s triumph over permanence, and the endless possibilities and fascination in impermanence itself.  In decomposition’s side effects can be found recomposition’s beauty.

Mustard Canyon, Study I, Death Valley, 2009 Mustard Canyon white and purple, Death Valley, 2009 Mustard Canyon, Study II,  Death Valley, 2009 Slot canyon with eye, Arizona, 2008 Slot Canyon peak, Arizona, 2008 Noonday sun, Antelope Canyon, AZ, 2008 Stone composition, Acadia, 2016 Balanced rocks, Acadia NP, Maine Nesting boulder, Acadia, Maine, 2005 Earthscape and scrub brush, Utah, 2012 Earthscape with falling rocks, Utah, 2012 Earthscape with center shadow, Utah, 2012 Earthscape symmetry, Utah, 2012 Earthscape with cut marks, Utah, 2012 Earthscape with plants, Utah, 2012 Earthscape, jagged cliffs, Utah,  2012 Earthscape duotone, Utah, 2012 Wedged boulder, Joshua Tree NP Diagonal crack, Joshua Tree NP Fallen stone, Joshua Tree NP, 2012 Cap rock, Joshua Tree NP Dune wind pattern, Death Valley, 2009 Dune wave pattern, Death Valley, 2009 Death Valley dune sunset, 2009 Shadow on the dunes, Death Valley, 2009 Cracked earth, Death Valley, 2009