Natural Impressions

Meditations on nature with painterly hues and striking compositions cultivate the experience of mindfulness in any interior space. This collection brings a transformative tranquility to your room. As simple as the subjects are, they show something new each time you observe them, creating a sense of focus and discovery. Ultra-high resolution digital files allow this series to be printed at very large sizes while retaining the quality and sharpness of each photograph. Post-processing techniques used in these images enhance the natural textures of the subjects providing an intense visual experience. The prints may be ordered as archival paper prints for framing or plexi mounted artwork. The custom sizing allows for flexibility in designing your space.

Custom Size Prints

  • 12” up to 96” on the long side
  • Open editions.
Breaking wave at sunrise, Florida, 2015 Hudson Valley sunset, Millbrook, 2016 Agave plant, Bermuda, 2008 Snowy birch, Connecticut, 2008 Death Valley dune sunset, 2009 Dawn of new days, 2016 Noonday sun, Antelope Canyon, AZ, 2008 Sunrise and clearing fog, South Dakota, 2010 A sunset forest on Walden Pond, 2013 Ripples, Walden Pond, 2013 Sunset reflection on Walden Pond, 2013 Winter sunset, Walden Pond, 2013 Lake through the trees, Walden Pond, 2013 The pond at Millbrook, 2013 Spring forest, Walden Pond, 2013 Leaf fronds, 2015 Plant leaf movement, 2015 Blades of grass, 2015 Grass, 2015 Palm leaf and sun, Florida, 2015 Palm frond, Florida, 2015 Breaking waves, Florida, 2015 Lone Sentinal, Assateague Island, 2014 Winter trees and fog, Smoky Mountains, 2009 Lifting fog, Smoky Mountains, 2090 Forest fog, Catskills, 2015 Seagrass Assateague Island, 2014 Assateague Island sunset, 2014 Sunset, Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA, 2009 Water stones, Pennsylvania, 2015 Winter trees, Washington, CT, 2008 Autumn rise on the Pond, NY, 2015 Autumn forest, 2015 Close-up palm frond, 2013 Twin palm trees, Jamaica, 2013 Caribbean sunset, 2013 Winter pines and snow, CT, 2008 Foggy morning on the Hudson,NY, 2013 Shadow on the dunes, Death Valley, 2009 Ocean sunset, Jamaica, 2013 Calm seas in fading light, 2013 Trees with morning fog, 2014 Sunset forest, Catskills, 2015 Grand Canyon, AZ, 2008 Forest edge, 2016 Sunset through the trees, Millbrook, 2016 Sunset after a storm, Hudson River, NY, 2016 Raindrops falling on the Hudson River, NY, 2016