Florida & Caribbean

Inspirations from nature, the environs of Florida and the Caribbean, bold compositions to bring out the full drama of a tropical locale. This collection brings an eloquent grandeur — the beauty and power of Nature — to your room. As simple as the subjects are, they show something new each time you observe them, creating a sense of focus and discovery. Ultra-high resolution digital files allow this series to be printed at very large sizes while retaining the quality and sharpness of each photograph. Post-processing techniques used in these images enhance the natural textures of the subjects providing an intense visual experience. The prints may be ordered as archival paper prints for framing or plexi mounted artwork. The custom sizing allows for flexibility in designing your space.

Atlantic Ocean rainbow, Miami, 2009 Calm day, Miami, 2009 Red White and Blue ocean, Florida, 2009 Palm leaves and pink sunset, Florida, 2017 Plant pattern, study 2, Jamaica, 2013 Clear sky and Atlantic Ocean, Florida, 2009 Sunrise wave, Florida, 2015 Clear water, Mexico, 2012 Palm leaves and cloud, Florida, 2015 Ocean sunrise, Miami, 2009 Plant pattern, study 1, Jamaica, 2013 Camila, Mexico, 2012 Tropical vegetation, Florida, 2017 Tropical palm leaves, Jamaica, 2013 Last light and storm clouds, Dominiican Republic, 2016 Ocean sunset, Dominican Republic, 2016 Morning reflections in calm seas, Miami, 2009 Leaf fronds, 2015 Palm frond redux, Florida, 2017 Night sky with Orion, Dominican Republic, 2016 Morning moonset, Dominican Republic, 2016 Palm leaves, Jamaica, 2013 Palm leaf study II, Jamaica, 2013 Sunrise reflection on calm seas, Florida, 2009 Curving banana leaves, Boca Raton, 2017 Approaching thunderstorm, Florida, 2017 Fan palm leaves and sun, Jamiaica, 2013 Tropical plants, Mexico, 2012 Jamaica is a paradise, 2013 Palm leaf and sun, Florida, 2015 Ferns and Banyan tree, Florida, 2017 Caribbean sunset, 2013 Two tropical leaves, Florida, 2017 Twin palm trees, Jamaica, 2013 Close-up palm frond, 2013 Rain and palms, study I, Florida, 2017 Plant leaf movement, 2015 Fallen palm leaf, Florida, 2017 Morning light, Dominican Republic, 2016 Palm frond, Florida, 2015 Breaking wave at sunrise, Florida, 2015 El Castillo, Chichen Itza, Mexico, 2012 Palm leaf and pale sky, Florida, 2017 Sunset and cloud, Mexico, 2012 Summer sun and palm, Florida, 2017 Shoreline detail, Mexico, 2012 Palms in blue light, Florida, 2017 Palm leaf and last light, Florida, 2017 Two banana leaves, Boca Raton, 2017 Palm top and cloud, Florida, 2017 The Sea at Night, study II, Delray Beach, 2017 Group of banana leaves, Boca Raton, 2017